Project goals

The main aim of this project was to transfer the Webcast Training Methodology (WTM) to European countries - Bułgaria, Slovakia, Poland and Austria. WTM was successful during the "How to webcast" project. .

The second aim was to raise the level of awareness regarding streaming media use for education among trainers, educators and in-company trainers. This was meant to improve the VET trainers' development and to support learning processes, especially in situations lacking time and/or money. Development and transfer of WTM supported also the education of trainers in the field of ICT. During the process of transfer WTM changeed it's name to Webinar Methodology. WTM can support the development of the webinar market and increase the number of webinars being conducted, covering a growing number of participants, including those in disadvantaged and non-urbanized areas.

This approach fostered understanding of the use of innovative learning processes and introduced learning exchange mechanisms between the project partners, beneficiaries and training institutions. The last objective was to send the results of the project out to training institutions, educational bodies, other educational institutions and SMEs. This was achieved via a promotional campaign in electronic media, meetings and engaging targeted beneficiaries in the pilot phase

The project involved the implementation of traditional training sessions and online seminars designed to bring the subject of webinars and show how to implement such training sessions.