Project phases

I Phase – preparation of the Webinar Methodology (WM)
The partners collected materials related to the use of webinars for training purposes, distance learning methodologies and webinars. On the basis of these materials first version of the WM was prepared.

II Phase – Pilot Phase (traditional trainings and online seminars)
Within this task, the partners conducted a series of stationary trainings and webinars. The effects of testing and feedback from participants were used to introduce changes to the Methodology and Manual. Both documents are available on the project website.

III Phase – promotion of Webinar Methodology (WM). 
Within this task a promotional campaign in electronic media was conducted. On the project website we posted 10 multimedia presentations on effective implementation of webinar trainings.

Activities were aimed at promoting Webinar Methodology and recruitment of participants for training and online seminars. The final point of the project and promotional campaign was the conference, which was held on December 6th, 2013, in Warsaw. See DLC website!