Do your fear loosing your know-how?

January 20, 2014 15:14

One of the interesting uses of webinar is online marketing. However, within the framework of our Webinar Methodology, we are focusing primarily on their use for educational purposes. Nevertheless, also when online marketing your products, you can deliver educational and valuable information   ; webinars are often used as a marketing teaser – a preview and simultaneously an introduction into the series of traditional or e-learning/ webinar trainings, while the later editions tend to be accessed for a fee.


You will catch the attention of your clients or customers by providing them with some innovative thoughts they could use in their company or their job – something they never heard of before. The best would be something you personally came up with via years of practice. Therefore, an introductory teaser is a good tip. Although, it has to include something of a value, which will differentiate it from the galore of similar products/ services and will persuade your clients this product or solution is the right thing for them. So if you are for example couching and giving your precious information also for free – via webinars for a wide audience, there are justified worries you are helping your competitors by revealing your business secrets or you are just sharing your ideas with somebody, who will “quickly run away with them to make profit at your expense”, as puts Lewis Howes in his publication Magnetic Webinars.


Many cases however confirm the exact opposite – such webinars did not hurt their business activities but it was the other way around. For such success stories we even do not have to go anywhere abroad. The popular Slovak blogger Mr. Martin Mikláš and his webinars talking primarily the topic of marketing by sharing his own professional experience have earned him quite some money! In principle, if the participants realize some webinar is really valuable for them, they are willing to invest in further development of their company by acquisition of new and efficient strategies.


Nowadays, intellectual property has a great value but its protection is not ideal. By copying and modifying it mostly becomes a “public good used by masses.” On the other hand, this information flow creates constantly new opportunities for the business to grow – which is also the core principle of how Silicon Valley works.


Final question: Why to do webinars? Besides indisputable advantages described in our Methodology – saved time, no travel cost, etc., all new technologies bestow upon a certain degree of exclusivity and goodwill. In other words, it is not a surprise that who innovates is the number one for the potential clients. Great example is also the current strategy of Tatrabanka, which does not need any comments. Each step closer towards the client is a good point for you and your company. And multifunctional webinars are exactly this kind of step.


Helena Reichlova