I am sure you did not miss the current criticism regarding the Slovak educational system, which has been facing grave structural problems for quite a while. There are more causes to this but one of the main reasons why our educational system fails to produce the right output for the labor market is the lack of emphasis on the development of critical thinking skills – capability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate information. Comprehension of an issue and application of a “template solution approach” (as a typical scheme) does not really work in praxis with complicated situations and complex issues. It is not sufficient to only mention the need of functional relations between the employers and the educational system – it is a must to finally start building this model.


However, what is interesting for our webinar project, the option of imposing tuition fees on the university studies brings along an interesting paradigm. The quality of studies now regarded as a good (respectively a service for sale) will have to reflect the actual need of the customer (student) and attain a certain high level. Only with this condition fulfilled, it is possible to have tuition fees in the future. Nevertheless, what would this situation really mean? A student/customer will be able to choose from a wide offer of educational institutions (same as now) but how will he minimize his costs or in other words choose a suitable institution or study major without wasting their money?


Perfect opportunity for webinars! Webinar as a teaser or an introduction into topic presenting recognized professors and showing how the studies look like at certain institution or within a certain study program would give future students a better insight into how demanding or attractive these studies can be. Do you think this is pretty much just music of the future? Not that much. Abroad, this system is already known, so we will eventually have to following this trend one day.


There is no money for this? Do you belong to those who think our educational institutions cannot afford such thing? Undoubtedly, as soon as the schools will be in position of competing for students and their tuition fees the situation will change rapidly. Moreover, as I mentioned in one of my previous articles, modern technologies bestow upon a prestigious innovative image, which is a motivation itself.  I believe that each institution seeks a way how to differentiate itself from others on the market and present itself more efficiently. Therefore, if there will be some changes in the educational system or not and to what extent, it would be too much a shame not to take the advantage of webinars in this area, with webinars being a relatively low-cost tool.


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Helena Reichlova