Event name: Speed Business Meeting 2014; Location: Hotel Crowne Plaza, Bratislava; Date: 11.02.2014


We were very happy to attend this prestigious networking event assembling professionals from all over Slovakia and from many different professional fields.


The necessity of our project to be presented on such a diverse platform was emphasized by the fact that many of the company representatives we met never heard of webinars before. This implies that correct webinar methodology has a great meaning for them both now and in the future, given the webinar technology in Slovakia is not yet widespread and still awaits its peak time.


While disseminating the Trainer’s Manual prints among the participants and explaining the potential uses of webinars in their respective companies we also collected business cards and contacts from those who actively discussed with us their interest in webinars.


From these discussions we would like to highlight the talk with Mrs. Katarína Grandová who is the Coordinating Manager of the Centre for Professional Education with the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. As the necessity of changes in the current educational system have been stressed more and more for the past few years and implementation of new technologies became a must, this educational centre in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the SR is looking forward to deepen the use of e-learning technologies in their field. We were proud to supply the relevant information that will sure help to enforce this process and so make the learning in this field more attractive, interactive and efficient.



Helena Reichlova